go to site Ali O. Bin Hareb AlShamsi, born and raised in the futurist mentality of Dubai. Economist thinker, investor, and businessman. Father and husband. Aiming to be the first UAE candidate for Nobel Economics Prize for his alternative economic system.

Ali AlShamsi is a financial trader, entrepreneur, and investor in the United Arab Emirates. Having worked with over 100 companies, Ali actively promotes the growth of new business with his experience and network. Ali discusses how to become successful (and objections to his formula), raising money from investors, adjusting your standards for success (both up and down) and his vision for the future of economics.

You can read his writing on Twitter @Ali_AlShamsi and find him on Quora at @Ali AlShamsi 

inderal the shards of order Salini Senthil

Currently pursuing my degree in Chemical/Electrochemical Engineering. Will graduate in 2018.
Have proofread/edited documents regularly for friends and family. I wield the red pen on Quora too 🙂
Polite, reserved and introverted is me.

I was inspired reading Ali answer to What is your greatest contribution to humanity?
I personally believe that a Change for good usually comes from men of serious vision into the future and opine that Ali is one of them.
By volunteering, I am also be putting my free time to some real use!

source url I will be publishing articles about my economic ideology in phases:

Ask me whatever you want and if it is an interesting question I will answer it on my answers blog page.

Thank you all for sending these lovely letters. You inspire me to write more. I don’t know what I did right to deserve this yet I will aspire to be the person that you thought deserved this letter from you. Honestly, Thank you each letter motivate me to write more.

Honestly, Thank you each letter motivate me to write more.

P.S: I will publish these letters here in recognition and memory as a reminder for me and others why my work worth the effort. So if you want to stay anonymous you can leave your name out. 

You can now volunteer in this website and the research efforts. You will not be financially compensated. Yet you will be credited on the website, research paper, books and any form of publication relevant to your contribution and is deemed valuable. To the top contributors, I will write a recognition letter and recommendation letter. Please do not join if you are not serious about providing any real effort, this is not a club.

That being said. Welcome and thank you. Let us make history together.

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